The Structure of the Main Service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Directorate for Monitoring and Control of Service Centers’ Activities:

Monitoring division

Control division

Division of service centers’ reform coordination and project management

Finance and Accounting Directorate

Accounting and reporting division

Planning division

Legal Support Directorate

Division for legal support of current operations of the center

Division for regulatory support

Public Relations Division


Classified Records and Documentation Support Division


Directorate for organization of registration and examination work and cooperation with economic subjects

Division for organization of registration of transport vehicles and cooperation with subjects that realize them

Division for organization of training and retraining of transport vehicles’ drivers, drivers and subjects involved in the transportation of dangerous goods

Division for technical control and transportation of dangerous goods by transport vehicles

Standardization Directorate

Division for approval of transport vehicles’ construction projects

Division for standardization and approval of use of special devices

Division for Transport Vehicles Expertise Organization


Information Technologies Directorate

Information systems administration division

Systems analysis and systems development division

Information security and reference maintenance division

Logistics Directorate

Procurement Organization Division

Division for control of the use of transport vehicles

Sector for material and technical maintenance

Personnel Division