Who we are

Service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine presents the delivery of paid and free services that fall within the competence of the Ministry and also takes the direct involvement in realization of state policy in the area of delivering of administrative services.
Service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine engages in collaboration with international organizations and specialized institutions of foreign states on the questions which belong to the competence of a system of service centers of MIA, and also learning, generalization and spreading in Ukraine of best practices in the aforementioned area.
The most significant functions and services of Service centers of MIA are the issue and exchange of driving licenses, registration and re-registration of transport vehicles, the issue and custody of car license plates, and also preparation of permits for transport of dangerous goods. At the premises of the service center you are able to pass the exam for getting the license to drive vehicles and to get certificate about the absence of criminal record. Full list of services: http://eng.hsc.gov.ua/poslugi/

Up to date there are 148 service centers in Ukraine in operation.
A service center of MIA of Ukraine interacts with central bodies of executive power and also with other public authorities, institutions, organizations, to the competence of which belong questions related to work of a system of service centers of MIA.
The main service center of MIA of Ukraine has been created on the seventh of November 2015  in execution of the directive of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated on the 28th of October 2015 № 889 « About the creation of territorial bodies of government charged with providing services of MIA». It is an interregional territorial governmental body of MIA of Ukraine.
The main service center of the MIA of Ukraine is headed by the director, who is appointed and dismissed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The system of service centers of MIA includes the main service center, regional service centers of regions, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol, and also territorial service centers of MIA, which as respective departments are parts of respective regional service centers.